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I am hugely fat and need weight loss tips?

I am in my second year of college and fianlly realize that I need to lose a ton of weight. All i do is study, play video games, and watch sports right now – I need to get excercing. In HS I was only a little overweight but gained 55 pounds in 2 years in college. I am 20 years old, male, and weigh 265 pounds. Advice… i can take critisim… I make jokes about my fat all the time for amusemnt but now i want to get rid of a lot of it.

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10 Responses to “I am hugely fat and need weight loss tips?”

  1. Kyle R said :

    just get liposuction, you’ll be fine. or, excercise, but that takes much longer.

  2. fightfor_tomorrow said :

    The best way to do it is diet and exercise.

    It’s nothing you can do in a short period of time, the healthy amount to lose is about 2 pounds per week. Do lots of cardio and make sure you’re eating right. Cut back on sugar, fast food and foods high in fat. Eat lots of lean protein (chicken, fish), vegetables, fruit and WHOLE grains.

  3. hong said :

    1) Exercise more!!! Cycling, jogging, work out in the gym.
    2) Eat less meat and more vegetables and fruit
    3)Avoid oily food, such as deep fry, pan fry instead of deep fry.
    4)If there is no results with in 3 months, consult a specialist

  4. kellyeah21 said :

    It really takes a severe amount of self control and discipline to lose weight.
    Instead of playing the video games you could take a walk around the campus. Try getting a gym membership too. I don’t know about your college, but ours offers a program that is $20 for the entire semester, and it gives you one credit and 40 hours of gym time. Try looking into something like that.
    Also cut out the candy and soda, the stuff that is obvious that is bad for you.
    If you’re really serious about it though, see your physician so he can give you a plan that’s right for your body.

  5. Sasha said :

    ok well what you should probably do is instead of playing video games, go exercise. You can jog or whatever. Dont make your workout too extreme though. If you havent exercised in a while(or havent been currently), do it in a progressive manner. It could be just walking first, then slowly jogging and then fast pace running.

  6. rustoria617 said :

    Weight control is best accomplished with a lifestyle change. It
    requires proper nutrition, exercise, calorie management,
    motivation, and discipline. Explore the links. The info will
    serve you well the rest of your life.

    If self education is not your bag, join Weight Watchers or
    something similar. They’ll teach you and you’ll have group support.

    Good Luck.

  7. Jeffro said :

    Just don’t eat for a while


    I’ve heard throwing up works good.


    ??fitness club i guess??

  8. Truth said :

    Dude, i went through the same thing pretty much. I was lucky and had a really good friend that was obsessed with working out and i told him i wanted him to be like my personal trainer and force me to work out, and he did just that. I know its embarrassing to tell your friends that you have a goal to lose weight, and you want them to support you, (i don’t know why that is, it really was for me though). But that is the best way to keep yourself motivated to work out and eat better. If you know all your friends are expecting you to lose weight, it will make you constantly think about what you can do to accomplish this and are more likely to work out every day, and not eat a bunch of junk food.

    Obviously everyone is different and this might not work out for you, but it worked for me. Since you are going to college, i’m sure you have a free weight room you can use whenever you have time. Start slow, and stick with it. Make a conscious effort to eat healthier, and you will see results.

  9. handsome said :
    Read article of this site.. try simple techniques given in this site…..
    i hope it helps
    But in my opinion join some yoga classes in your city. It will definately help you,,,

  10. AJFreeway said :

    is your name….peter griffin?


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