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Need expert opinions on fat loss?

Hey all. Im Male 23, 5ft11, bf% is 11.5, weigh 182-185. My rmr is 1850 cal/day. I am currently doing 500 calories worth of cardio every day (running or biking over 45 min in morning before meals). I lift weights twice per week (bench is up to 200 lbs). Im making sure that I eat my rmr every day (around 4-6 meals) so my metabolism doesnt get too sluggish i hope. I figure since I work out everyday and am relatively active I should be negative at least 700 cal/day (500 through cardio and 200+ through dieting). I drink plenty of water and about a 2 liter of diet pepsi/day (helps the sweet tooth). Does this all sound correct to lose only bf and maintain/gain muscle so I can get my bf down to 6-8%? Any tips to speed or target fat loss or am i doing everything correctly?


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4 Responses to “Need expert opinions on fat loss?”

  1. Sunflower said :

    Sounds good but you did not mention what type of work you do, physical or sitting. If physical, you may need to add 200 more calories (healthy calories).

    Take care of yourself and make sure you add “healthy” needed calories when you should. Make sure that you have someone watching your progress to give you a different view on what is working and not working with your program.

  2. poohbear.1313 said :

    as you work out you lose body fat and gain muscle, that explains the weight, but really, talk to a personal trainer at the gym for more expert advise

  3. faba_2005 said :

    you are on the right track…one thing is to make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet. protein helps you build your muscles. meat is protein…i’m sure you know that, but just in case you didn’t 🙂

    good luck

  4. JAS said :

    good question, really! — jas


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