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When it comes to abdominoplasty, how much weight do people typically need to have weighbed pre weight loss to?

get one? Like… do you have to be extrememly over weight to have the effects of loose skin necessary, or in cases of after childbirth, if you are losting 40 pounds, is it necessary if your pre weight loss weight is 160, or is it for more dangerously and extreme cases of obesity?

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2 Responses to “When it comes to abdominoplasty, how much weight do people typically need to have weighbed pre weight loss to?”

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  2. FR said:

    I am in NZ. weighed 110kg and had abdominoplasty in Hamilton by a private surgeon. Before the actual abdominoplasty (in 2001) the surgeon did liposuction around my mid region – this was more painful than the actual surgery (as I found out later). the surgeon removed 10kg of fat from my mid region; I wore the binder for about three months after this. The liposuction was in Nov. then I had a six month stand down period before the next surgery – abdominoplasty. The abdominoplasty removed my hanging apron and I dropped three whole dress sizes……I wore two binders for about two months….. I had two visits from the community nurse once I was released from hospital….I did not find the actual moving around painful or sore it was the fact that I got so tired after showering and moving. I slept on the sofa with a tri pillow proping me up because I did not want to attempt to lie down. After one month I revisited the surgeon and he noted that one stitch had not been removed properly – hence the pus infection –
    Ask questions; What scarring will I have afterwards? I had reconstruction on my umbilical area (tummy button) and it is still pretty obvious today that it is reconstructed – you can see the stitching around it. Are you allowed to have more than one follow up treatment? (I wish I had) Has it worked for me seven years later and ten thousand dollars later…. not really. I look like a person who has been starved with a swollen stomach…. my stomach is still unsensitive to touch… I feel my stomach and it is rock hard… there is no softness any more; I now weigh 120kg – so you do the math…. I don’t have excess fat anywhere, the surgeon told me that the only way for me to remove the hardened solidified fat was more liposuction…. he also said I am in good health considering weight/ height ratios say otherwise……my height is 156cm. the anaethatist told me that more weight I could loose tprior to the initial first surgery (lipo) the better – but not necessary – I gave up smoking, I did not drink alcohol for three months prior to any surgery. the anaethatist said each case is different and they go by the usual guide lines for GENERAL cases overall…..Good luck. hope it helps


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