I Need help losing body fat fast so i can see my 8 pack. i already have 6.?

I HAVE A 6 PACK BUT WANT TO SEE MY FULL 8 PACK NOT JUST A BULGE FOR MY LOWER 2 ABS. I’m 5,3, 110 pounds and 10-11% body fat. i want to get it down to 5% body fat in about 20 days. i have a protien shake every other day and take creatine everyday. i lift weights every day, 1 day for my arms and the next for my abs an do that over and over. I ALSO run as fast as i can for 1/2 mile every other day. i don’t care if i gain weight, i just want to lose body fat. ANY REFERENCES OR GOOD WORKOUTS? Will go to extremes to see results i just don’t know what to do.
i’m on;y 13
I’m turning 14 in 20 days and want to look AMAZING for my party. will it be harder to lose bodyfat because i’m young and still growing.
do i need more cardio? if so how many miles day or for how long a day.

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7 Responses to “I Need help losing body fat fast so i can see my 8 pack. i already have 6.?”

  1. QTP said:

    what’s wrong??
    anyway, get a personal trainer. do online research, i’m sure something is there

  2. Belial said:

    okay..stop bragging, anyway your only 110 lbs? theres no way you can have a six-pack, and have fun getting an 8 pack, also you are short, I’m probably younger than you, and taller than that!
    Running half a mile is not enough, you have to be dedicated to working out, and protein shakes? whatever, the nagain maybe you are a little kid

  3. MEĀ® said:

    The number of Abs is defined by the length of your torso, which is genetics. And even if you have the possibility of an ‘8-pack’, your body fat would have to be extremely low, and your overall muscle mass a decent amount.

  4. reallyshinyfish said:

    As far as I see from your routine you don’t do any cardio. What you need is to go for longer runs, +40 minutes is where you see lasting results. This will burn off your excess fat.

  5. Khelben said:

    First of all protein shakes and creatine aren’t going to help with the slimming down. If you want an 8 pack you have to run more than 1/2 a mile every other day. Your’ going to need to pound on the cardio and the cutting in your diet like crazy. I only have 8 because I’m a competitive swimmer and it’s 3 hours a day minimum, more in the summertime. So unless your willing to do hours upon hours of cardio I doubt it.

    The lifting weights won’t help you with the abs either, only hardcore dieting and long periods of cardio can help you achieve that.

  6. whitnedg said:

    You are not going to lose 6% bf in 20 days.. and 5% isn’t even healthy. Even bodybuilders don’t go that low until the day of a competition. What you SHOULD do is workout your other muscles, bc by adding muscle you burn more fat. Do cardio 3 times a week, bump that 1/2 mile to 1-2 miles and you’ll show more abs. Also, EAT A CLEAN DIET!!! Include proteins, good fats, complex carbs. Don’t skimp on fruits and veggies, drink at least a gallon of water per day.

  7. Pepper said:

    Its your diet. Keep a food journal and see what can be taken out or adjusted. Sugars are the worst. Stop sodas and high sugar drinks. Orange juice has a lot of sugar as well as sugar free drinks, they have aspertame and is a sugar.
    Eat more protein and fish…Plain and simple..cut out bad fats and you will be good to go.


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