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How to fat loss at abs and get six pack body?

Hai,This is Suman,30,years old,Male from India.I have mesomorphic body type and i have little belly.Remaining my body have good structure.I have a strong desire to change my body like braddpitt(Actor) in ‘Fight club’ movie.So anyone please suggest me step by step process of exercises and food structure to slim down my body.And my another question is how much time it will take to turn my body to get lean muscle mass.Thank you.

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One Response to “How to fat loss at abs and get six pack body?”

  1. ^(-_-)^ said :

    Try doing cardio first, try your best to burn off excess fat by jogging, treadmill, running, and walking. After which you want to go on doing sit-ups and crunches, it will gradually build muscle. It is not a magic and will need a long time and constant training to get it done, as well as discipline. Avoid too much fatty foods, it’s okay to eat as long as you can burn it. Eat healthy, pick veggies, fruits, bread and lean meat. Carbs are fine, just remember that carbs when not burned are turned into fat.


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