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ive lost loads of weight and now want to start toning up and becoming muscular?

What supplements or / and vitamins should i take toaid this. I already eat loads of freash fruit and veg but which ones should i have more of?

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2 Responses to “ive lost loads of weight and now want to start toning up and becoming muscular?”

  1. Cool chick said :

    weight training

  2. musclebobbuffpants01 said :

    just eat 5-6 high protien meals throughout the day, dont eat unhealthy foods, drink lots of water, lift heavy weights, and do a bit of cardio to keep unwated fat gain off

    for weights try somthing like 5 sets of 5 make sure its heavy enough so you struggle with the last rep. then each week increase the weight by 2.5kg or somthing like that, i suggest looking into fullbody routines mon/wed/fri, focus mainy on compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, rows, pullups, overhead presses, leg presses, dips, bench press etc

    an example of a fullbody routine:

    all 5×5

    Bench press
    Overhead press aka Military press eaither seated or standing
    Dumbell row
    Dumbell curls

    you can change the last two exercises to whatever you want, just make sure you get the 4 critical lifts in there, legs,chest,shoulders,back. the last two can be things you would like to work on the most


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