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I am out of shape and want to start working out and lose some weight. Any suggestions?

I want to start exercising and eating healthy foods, like carrot sticks and such. But, it has been a while since I have worked out and I have to start out really, really slow because I run out of air and energy right away and I am just gasping for air, even if I so much as run one block.

I also want to lose weight, about 30 pounds. I know it doesn’t happen overnight, but does anybody have any suggestions? Another problem, aside from that I tire easy and need to start exercising slow, is that I am a picky eater. I don’t like seafood or beef so if there are other healthy foods and snacks any suggestions are welcome.

Just trying to get on a diet and workout program that would start out slow and be easier to stick to then if I can keep up with it. If anybody has any suggestions to some exercises I can do that don’t take too much energy and not a lot of time, please respond.

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17 Responses to “I am out of shape and want to start working out and lose some weight. Any suggestions?”

  1. water_skipper said :

    I’d start out by going for long, slow walks. Just go to a park after work every day and walk around for a couple of hours. Once you can do that you can try jogging.

  2. Just Me. said :

    eat less and walk

  3. nikkizhot said :

    watch calories,and NO sweets,and get a gym membership, youll defiently lose then

  4. DebEgirl said :

    I used to run miles and miles a day. It was great! But it never gave me the results I wanted. Then I started doing Pilates. Look out! Now I turn heads!

  5. damnnatzis said :

    Hi, I think the number one thing is to find a buddy who wants to do the same thing. After I had surgery on my back I had to start off SUPER slow. My friend and I got together every night and just walked around the track a few times. It gave us a chance to talk and also to destress at the end of the day. Slowly we started pushing each other to go farther/faster. We set goals like “Let’s be able to run a mile by such and such” or “Lets be able to do 5 pull ups by summer” I think it’s really important to have somebody who will keep you motivated and make it fun.

  6. toot_sweet97 said :

    Organic foods taste great. Try getting more unprocessed foods into your diet. Make friends with a vegetarian and see how good vegetarian food can be.

    Walking is a good way to start into exercise, swimming can be good fun too.

    Both are better if you do them with a friend!

  7. Henry said :

    Diet and exercise go hand in hand and makes for a healthy lifestyle.

  8. pudge18_2005 said :

    eat special K cereal and you can loose up to six lbs in two weeks it worked for me. also drink 8 glasses of water a day no soda and that will also help you loose about 6lbs in 2-3 weeks

  9. nice girl :) said :

    I’d say join a gym. The cardio macines are great. I personally have always had a hard time running. I too gasp for air and can’t run alot. But I get on the machines at the gym and I can go for hours. I have lost alot of weight that way. It also increases energyy and reduces stress.

  10. spackler said :

    One word…”Bulemia”

  11. busy said :

    Go on a jog every morning and you will get used to running a distance. eat healthy food such as: smart ones, slim fast bars etc.

  12. ednit said :

    if you drink soda try cutting it out, this can help a lot.

    Drink lots of water, eat small meals several times a day instead of 2 or 3 large meals. Be sure to eat breakfast as this will help kick start your metabolisim.

    Also, don’t eat right before going to bed.

    I do this too: drink apple cider vinegar (mixed with water). It seems to speed up my metabolisim & it’s good to help clean out toxins.

  13. lighthouse_lover92 said :

    Start eating right. Weight Watchers Point Formula
    Points = [Calories/50] + [Fat/12] – [Dietary Fiber/5]
    Weight 100-125 Eat 18 points a day
    Weight 125-145 Eat 20 points a day
    Weight 146-165 Eat 22 points a day
    Weight 166-185 Eat 24 points a day
    Weight 186-205 Eat 26 points a day
    As you lose the weight lower your points as per the chart above.

    Start to exercise by walking around the block every day. Then add in yoga 3x a week. It works I’ve lost twenty pounds in a month and a half.
    Good Luck!!!

  14. Jean O'Reilly said :

    Walking is the easiest and best way. The more you walk, the easier weight loss will become as your body metabolises more efficiently. Try to incorporate as much walking into your day as possible (maybe get off at an earlier subway station) and start to focus on your healthier diet.

    The really cool thing is, the more you walk the less attention you need pay to what you eat. You could still eat Twinkies sometimes if you wish.

    Good luck Grrrrl!

  15. shroomdaisy359 said :

    I have started a V-8 diet. Any one who wants to lose weight should first of all start with a diet that consist of 6 small meals a day, 3 healthy meal made of preferred chicken or fish although I do like red meat. But my fill in meals (the other three) I drink V-8 or ensure and I always get up early and do a work out(usually with Denise Austin) it’s fun ,easy, and it works if you have cable she is on every morning at 6 am I know it sound strenuous and it is, but if you really want to lose weight, you have to push yourself and be mean to yourself. No sleeping in, no fattening meals, no being lazy. Thats the way I have been latetey and For the past week I have forced myself to get out of bed, work out, eat eggs for breakfast, v-8 for snack,chicken for lunch, v-8 for snack, something healthy for dinner but not at least 5 hours before I go to bed. Anything you eat in the evening and then just sit around afterwards just turns right to fat.

  16. dale621 said :

    first of all go to your doctor and get a complete physical before u start any exercise regymine and diet . instead of going on a complete veggie diet or something like that what u can do is instead of frying chiken bake or broil with out butter or oil , eat smaller portions of food u can basically eat the same foods as u did before but no fast food etc , drink plenty of water , drink a glass of water an hour before u eat eat slowly it takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell your stomach u are full. as for the exercise start out slow try walking as far as u can without getting out of breath do this every day for a week twice a day if u can , the next week try walking a lil faster than the week before go as far as u can each day try to increase the distance , as your body adn heart and lungs get use to the change increase the speed of your walk and the s distance eventually u will be joggin if not running. if theres an elevator where u work try walking a flight of stairs instead of usin the elevator , each week increase the amount of stairs u climb , u have to be consestant with an diet or exercise regyment or it wont work , make meal time and exercise time fun , when u cleaning the house u can do little things that can help u like turn on the radio when your cleaning turn it to a station that plays a vsriety of music ie slow adn fast and try cleaning to the beat of the music , your family will look at u like you are crazey but lol its fun , just dont give up on yourself cause there are times that your weight will go up and down , and some pepole dont loose weight right away but they loose inches and visa versa .

  17. jt66250 said :

    Diet and fitness work together toward a healthy lifestyle. Changing your diet and your level of fitness is what can change the way you look and feel. The best way to lose weight is about living a healthier life than what you may be living now. You will need a complete lifestyle change and you will need to be committed.

    The body loses about 2 pounds a week optimally and that’s 2 pounds that stay off. When you drop at a faster rate your body could potentially rebound and either plateau your weight loss or put extra weight on. If you are committed then you should reach your goal.

    There will be 5 basic elements you need to adjust to have a healthy lifestyle.
    They are:

    1. Your Eating
    2. Your Water Intake
    3. Maintaining a balance of cardio and resistance exercise
    4. Smart supplementation
    5. Sleeping the best amount of time.

    I could give you a long detailed explanation but you can find each one of those aspects detailed in the source link.


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