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Ive lost half a stone in 2 days.. this is what i did :)xx?


I am 15 years old and i weighed 9 stone. I really wanted to loose weight quickly so i started to look at the calories in different foods and it really helped. I normally ate a bit more than 2000 calories each day.

But now ive started eating 1000 calories each day.. for only 2 days… and i have done pressups each day and night. So 2 days later i checked my weight on the scales and i am now 8 stone and a half exactly. How amazing is it. Ive tried all sorts of other diets but they haven’t worked. Im going to carry on.. and get to 7 and a half stone.

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2 Responses to “Ive lost half a stone in 2 days.. this is what i did :)xx?”

  1. Mister Man said :

    if you stick to that you will lose weight, good luck

  2. Damon Swager said :

    My pc can’t deal with a software firewall program so I am hoping the built-in firewall involving my Linksys Wireless-G Hub will be good enough.


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