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I lost 30 pound in 26 days . Will losing weight fast negatively affect me later?

My goal is to lose 70 pounds I lost the 30 pounds by eating one meal a day and execising for an hour a day(running/walking). I feel great and im proud of myself. My question is how will losing weight fast effect me?

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3 Responses to “I lost 30 pound in 26 days . Will losing weight fast negatively affect me later?”

  1. ladykenmax said :

    Yes, because you will gain everything back when you start eating. By eating one meal a day, your body will start breaking down since you are robbing it of vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

  2. lauren said :

    well that is HORRIBLE that u starved ur body to make it so u lose 30 pounds in 26 days ok (srry if i seem mad) ok so, u ate one meal a day…. r u going to keep this up for the rest of ur life? ur body is going into “terrifying” mode everything u eat is now gettting stored thinking that u will never at again. so if ur stomach was ( )< this big (lets just say) u have now srunk it to ( )< this small. a holiday rolls around or u decide to eat 3-5 smaller portioned meals as recommended and u push ur stomach ( )< this big all that weight u lost is going to comeback like youve never seen before and ur body is going to continue to store that making all that u ate into fat again not trying to be mean but if u stop this now and eat normal again ull gain all that and more by summer (providing u live in the US) so when u start to wanna lose weight again keep this in mind ur body is only suppose to lose 1-2 pounds A WEEK not in a day. hope this bought reality to you.

  3. nikki said :

    i think thats awoseme but how do you survive one meal a day? do you snack during the day? can you let me know im trying to lose weight and i need to lose 50 pounds


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