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Could junk food be the reason why I am losing weight so fast?

I started to exercise this month I already have thinner and muscular thighs, fat gone from my back, stronger abdominal area, etc!

I thought that it would takes MONTHS to get these results.
My friend said that the reason I lose weight so fast was due to my really bad diet/junk food all the time before I started working out and watching what I eat.

So, does this make sense? or is it completely normal to lose weight fast?

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4 Responses to “Could junk food be the reason why I am losing weight so fast?”

  1. k said :

    That is totally normal, if you have a bad diet, and you change it and start exercising, you notice results almost instantly. Your mind has changed and now your body is following. Your body is getting the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and lean. Remember if you start to plateau (you don’t see new results for a while) then change up your workouts.

  2. Lexy said :

    Don’t do those ‘free’ trial things that the people above are advertising. I thought I was signing up for a ‘free’ trial and ended up getting a $500 credit card charge.

    But anyway, yes it is quite possible to get good results very quickly. I eat like crap and I never exercise, but I still have a good bmi thanks to my quick metabolism. In my PE class we started to do track and field and after only one day of running (only 100 yards) my thighs felt a LOT tighter and my calves got smaller. Living an unhealthy lifestyle and then suddenly doing good for your body has an incredible effect.

    I hope you reach your weight loss goals! (:

  3. Ben Tien said :

    I ever read an article about this. It said that in the junk food contains “empty calorie”

    Empty calorie not means Zero calorie. Your metabolism can’t burn this empty calorie… so, as soon as you consume this empty calories, your metabolism will automatically change it into fat.

    Well, there has a way to change that fat in your body to become energy.

  4. Jack said :

    JESUS CHRIST! What the hell is with you fraudsters trying to scam everyone in the known world. That acai berry free trial is a scam. I researched it a bit, thiers a company saying its a *free trial* but then they ask you for credit card number for the 2$ shipping fee.

    Its just a credit card scam. Theyll charge like 1000$ on it till you cancel your card. I cant believe theyve even come to diet and fitness on yahoo


    scammers r everywhere!!!


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