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How can i loose half a stone quickly and healthily?

im a 21 year old female, 8.5 stone, i want to loose at least half a stone, how can i do this healthily. i do go to the gym and diet… i dont seem to loose any weight i just stay the same…. i just want to loose half a stone. any idea’s?

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One Response to “How can i loose half a stone quickly and healthily?”

  1. Lana said :

    Have you calculated the amount of calories you should have each day based on your age height and exercise.

    If not I suggest you start there and compare to the calories you are eating. With exercise try cardio for 30 mins plus so it becomes aerobic.

    If you can try and exercise before breakfast as that will give your metabolism a boost. I’ve included a link on best time to exercise and a Basal metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator to assist you

    Best Wishes


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