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Can i be significantly slimmer by august 1st this year?

im size 16 at 5ft 2 and i look less than i weigh my mum thinks im 11 and half stone max [ im 13 stone]
and mum is very brutal she would never lie just to make me feel better, most people [who would tell me the way it is] assume im around 11 and a half…max 12…not 13stone

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5 Responses to “Can i be significantly slimmer by august 1st this year?”

  1. SarahLou84 said :

    Yes but only if you set yourself a realistic diet plan and do lots of exercise.


  2. EmilyLucindaa said :

    You can do anything you set your heart too!

    Good Luck

    My birthday Then =P

  3. tan0301 said :

    yes… I lost a significant amount in this same time period year before last. Set a nutrition plan, follow it and exercise.

  4. Jen H said :

    Yes, you could easily lose at least a stone and a half just by making a few changes to what your are eating and doing a little bit more exercise, or more if you go all out and go on a diet and do lots of exercise!

  5. gramma might know said :

    Significantly? Absolutely, if you want it.

    Take the next three months with no soda pop, fast foods or midnight snacks.
    Get out and walk, kick a ball around with friends, and do some (say 15 minutes( of inside exercise.
    Then get back on the scales and see what has happened!


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