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can you look/become significantly slimmer in 10 weeks?through diet and exc?

FOR female whose currently 12 stone and only 5ft3

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13 Responses to “can you look/become significantly slimmer in 10 weeks?through diet and exc?”

  1. alphameega said :

    Only if you don’t diet on Pot Noodles.

  2. *Nikki* said :

    yes you can!! very much so…

  3. PJ said :

    Most definitely.

  4. ilvfrhcky said :

    yes. but you have to eat healthy and work your ass off. like p90X or something.

  5. General C said :

    Yes you can but it will depend on the amount of exercise, and rather than use the term DIET use nutritionally correct eating.

    Also why the ten week plan? Make it a life change and never have to think about dieting again. Once you see how easy it is you’ll never have to go back to worrying about your weight.

    Good luck!

  6. SmartCookie said :

    Absolutely yes, you can safely lose 20lbs in that time and drop a couple of dress sizes. They say you start to notice in about 6 weeks from excercise alone.

    Go for it!

  7. Cosetta B said :

    Actually, you don’t have to diet in fact if you want to lose weight, the sole diet which clearly worked for me is wu-yi tea, it can be viewed in the resource box underneath, they have a limited number of free trials left, it has been reported in Fox News and CNN. I melted away 25 pounds, it clearly does produce success!

  8. Kdl...xx said :

    yes this is what i am doing:
    diets don’t usually work!

    the 6 main points to losing weight are:
    1.drink lots of water.(1lr or more a day!)
    2.sweets and chocolate and bad stuff only once a week(sat. is best day!)
    3.lots of vegetables and fruit and fish. least an hour of some kind of exercise a day.
    5.less fizzy drinks,alcohol and tea and coffee.
    6.lots of sleep and a positive attitude.

    trust me it works.
    i am 15 and i was 5″3 and 141ibs which is overweight.
    3 weeks ago i started to stick to these guidelines and i have lost 5ibs so far!i am delighted.and it has proven to be very easy!

    best of luck and remember NO DIETING and most importantly LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!!!!!!if it doesn’t want a burger don’t give it one this is a key way to avoid stress eating!

  9. Jade B said :

    No dieting, just make you look thinner with your outfit

    I shop here LOve them.

  10. Jenny R said :

    absolutely if you stick to it and do it everyday yo ucould lose and tone in 10 weeks. Good luck

  11. Wii_girl69 said :

    Yes! I’ve been eating small meals every 2-3 hours….but not crap food, wholesome food and speed walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes also I have the Wii Fit and have been doing some yoga. I’ve only been going this since Sunday and i’ve already lost 3 pounds ….i don’t know how much that is for stones tho

  12. gemma_liz said :

    Probably not I’m afraid in 10 weeks you could probably lose a stone possibly more but I you will be able to notice but it won’t be a significant change.

  13. Jo-Bro-Ho said :

    Of course you can. If you around 1200-1500 calories a day, mainly made up of fruit/veg, lean meat, water and some “good carbs” (brown bread, brown pasta, brown rice) and exercise at least 3 times a week, then you could expect to lose 2-3lbs every week. You will also get a lot more toned because of the exercise. So yes, it would make a significant difference to your appearance.


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