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Starting my diet and get fit campaign in the morning?

i am getting married in july and have 2 stone to loose, any tips would be helpful, wish me lots a luck x x x

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12 Responses to “Starting my diet and get fit campaign in the morning?”

  1. uncle s said :

    replace 2 meals a day with butter

  2. Robert C said :

    Just make sure you cut right bacl on carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals and bread….and exercise over time rather than risk injury with sudden bursts of activity!

    Good luck!

  3. Betty said :

    don’t crash diet or starve yourself [you actually put on more weight as you begin to store more fat than normal] consult your GP for the best diet for your age, lifestyle, health etc or find a good nutritionist. good luck and hope your wedding goes well! =]
    ps always have a healthy breakfast, getting your metabloism working in the morning means it actually works faster when burnging calories =] [morning run or gym sessions are good too!]

  4. maskedmarada2000 said :

    Low fat yougurt, nuts, olive oil, berries, beans

    Avoid sugar, salt and vegetable oil.

  5. Mr Sceptic said :

    I’m always going to start my diet and get fit campaign tomorrow morning, as well.

  6. lolljayne said :

    lots and lots of water, will help burn the fat, also good for your skin on your big day!

  7. scubs said :

    go on a calorie controlled diet, you will be surprised at the amount you can eat have a good breckfast i.e porrige muslie weetabix them a light lunch i.e home made soup dead easy and quick to make and your main meal in the evening that way you wont be starving if you get peckish have a cup of oxo really filling and only 19 cals good luck

  8. ♥katie♥ ♥ said :

    Just do a diet that you can stick to, not one of these fad diets that leave you staring after a week. Slimming world is good because there is a lot of choice and you are allowed goodies too, in moderation. Its the only diet that has worked for me. You should be able to find your nearest class on the net.. Good luck

  9. whispernikki said :

    don`t ever go hungry , always have something healthy to hand and keep up the good work and remain positive , i would love to join you on your diet and fitness regime , just to give each other support , but hey good luck and congratulations for july xxx

  10. Nutsters Space Cadet said :

    i’d leave u some links that may help.
    but i keep getting Spam Violations!
    since when has a fat-loss website been spam, is beyond me.
    increase ur exercise,
    find a hobby u like, being busy doing something else will leave less time 2 over-eat.
    remember 2 stick rigidly 2 no more than 2,000 calories a day.
    don’t know what’s in it? don’t eat it.
    have a lovely day.

  11. zurriolo said :

    Congrats on you marriage!

    Also congrats on your fit campaign.

    Try cutting fatty foods and sugar (if not burn it will become fat).
    Pastry, white bread and white rice, potatoes, chocolate, soft sugary drinks, etc. are going to make you fat. Try to avoid them.
    Eat veggies, enough proteins, and good quality carbohydrates.

    Do some cardio exercise: 2 to 3 times a week. Keep each session to about 30 minutes every time. Do what you can; walk, jog, cycle, etc. Try to work as to rise your heart rate to a level where it is beginning to get difficult to say a full sentence without gasping for air, but do not over do it!

    Do some tone up exercises; they build muscle and give you a great figure. Muscles are the ones in charge of burning body fat, so you want some of them. No need to get bulky, just tone and kind of firm.

    Stretch when you finish your cardio and tone up exercises, it will take about 5 minutes to do it.

    Get lots of rest to recuperate and enjoy your getting slim and fit campaign!!

    You can also visit a gym and have a monitor help you design a specific plan for you.

    Good Luck!!!

  12. adammilopaws said :

    congrats on getting married, i am a wellness coach i would love to give you all the support in your weight loss goal. got to the site below and have a look through it and you will find a lot of valuable info to assist you


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