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Am i likely to have saggy skin if i lose weight?

I am a 23 year old woman, i currenlty weigh 15st 5lbs. I am on a diet and hope to lose 3 stone by October when i go on holiday and a further 1 -2 stone by next spring. I put on weight quite quickly and as a result i have stretch marks on my belly. I am losing weight through diet and also exercise which i building up daily the amount i can do. I use bio oil daily on my belly. Am i likely to have alot of excess saggy skin on my belly when i lose weight or do u think it will be be as it was previously? Is there anything that i can do to try and get it back normal or do u think i am worrying needlessley? i am a size 18 – 20 at the mo. The reason i woory is because i saw a lady on the tv who lost weight and she had this problem, however sh was alot heavier than i was and weight in over 25 stone before losing about 15 of it.

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14 Responses to “Am i likely to have saggy skin if i lose weight?”

  1. caffsans said :

    most of us do ,that’s where the exercises come in handy

  2. Funky munky said :

    You should exercise at the same time to tone up your body.

  3. green_earth_froggy said :

    stones? where do people measure weight in stones? (this isn’t suppost to be mean, but i was curious?) I think that you will be okay! No saggy skin here! plus your 23 your skin should be able to shrink back.

  4. Zachary said :

    Include strenth training in your exercise or weight loss program it will keep you tone as you loose the weight so you dont get flabby.

  5. Wee Scottish Girl said :

    If you keep up the exercise and keep using the bio oil these are both good steps to minimise any sagging skin. Moisturising your skin daily will help too – any type of moisturiser will help keep the skin more elastic. However partly it is down to luck of the draw on the amount of natural elasticity your skin has. Think of your mum’s tummy skin – after pregnancy if it went back to normal or stayed a bit loose, that will give an indication of how your skin is likely to respond to extreme weight lose, good luck.

  6. mack the knife said :

    your only 23 at your age your skin is very like elastic and it should spring back into shape when you lose weight but the older you get the less elastic your skin gets . dont worry just enjoy getting into smaller size clothes good luck

  7. bumbleboi said :

    I think you should cross that bridge when and if you come to it, quite unlikely at your age, and just concentrate on getting the weight off, by far the healthiest thing you could do!

  8. Jenny H. said :

    I don’t know the conversion of stones to pounds, but…..
    losing weight slowly while exercising to tone is the best way to go.

    also drinking lots of water will help with the skins elasticity

  9. xaradare said :

    It depends on your skin. Everyone is different. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost (140 pounds) I think that is about 10 stone. I do not have any sagging skin. I was 30 when I had the surgery and lost the weight in about 10 months (which was NOT healthy). Others that I know that have lost less weight or more have ad other degrees of sagging skin, like I said everyone is different. Don’t let sagging skin or the thought of it deter you from your need to be a healthy weight. Good Luck!

  10. Brownies said :

    Please don’t worry you will be fine sweetie, keep exercising and eating right ok. Your face will not sag at all it will get smaller, and more define. As far as your stomach, it takes alittle more time, daily crunches and lots of water plus try and invest in a juicer, I guarantee you will see a dramatic change. You only have until October so you go girl work it out. Peace Brownies PS use cocoa butter for stretch marks

  11. Rocky88 said :

    If u do weight resistance…machine or dumbell….your muscle will grow & to fit the form of your skin….lean muscle weighs more but is smaller, so don’t worry about gettin huge bulky freaky muscle….vitamin e based lotions help blend skin tears, scars & minor burn marks…..if your skin shrinks and form fits your body…people won’t notice stretch marks on your toned & tight new body…. 🙂

  12. towzer said :

    I was 15 stone and size 20, 18months ago, I went to weight watchers and I now weigh 10 stone, I never did any exercise, I don’t have any excess of saggy skin, and now I’m size 16,
    Keep up what you are doing or go to weight watchers,they are very good, I could not have lost all that weight on my own.I’m much older than you,
    Good Luck

  13. guru said :

    I found that skins grows and stretches as weight is gained. Losing weight too quickly will definitely cause additional sagging of skin. Depending on the degree of overweightness or obesity that is being dealt with will determine how resiliant the skin is. The longer weight is held on the body the more permenant that stretch marks and sagging will be.

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