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is walking a mile on the tredclimber a good, fast way to lose weight?

if i walk a mile on my tredclimber everyday and eat smaller portions of food will i lose weight…fast?

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2 Responses to “is walking a mile on the tredclimber a good, fast way to lose weight?”

  1. charrrrrl said :

    if you want to lose it fast then try walking a bit further each day…

  2. C S said :

    Depends on how much exercise you were taking before. If this is a start then you will loose weight quite quickly, but your body will get used to it. You will need to monitor your fitness and increase distance; time; and incline as required to maintain a good level of weight loss.
    However, you may find that you are gaining a little weight as you loose fat and tone your muscles, so don’t feel down if your scales don’t behave.
    A mile is a very short distance and you are going at a slow pace.

    Up the speed so that it is a very brisk walk, go on time rather than distance. Increase the incline.

    But it’s great that you are taking exercise and reducing your calorie intake. A great way to improve your health and loose weight.


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