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is this a good healthy snack for someone whos trying to lose the fat on my stomach fast?

strawyberry banana yogurt (yoplait light) and to give it something more i cut up a banana and put it in and a granola bar and put it in. is this healthy?
and does anyone have any other ideas of things to put in yogurt to give it more flavor because i dont like it plain.

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3 Responses to “is this a good healthy snack for someone whos trying to lose the fat on my stomach fast?”

  1. Cashewsrock! said :

    Actually all “light” yogurts are unhealthy. They have a chemical called asparatame in them to replace the sugar and like all chemicals, it’s not good for the body. Yoplait in particular has high fructose corn syrup in it, including the regular kind. Try some all natural yogurt and sprinkle nuts or berries in it. It’s also nice to have plain yogurt with some honey or jam in it- delicious!

  2. Curiosity said :

    lol i wish i were as healthy as you! I deem this as pretty healthy.

  3. tkomrs said :


    Here’s a few things that helped me burn my belly fat fast after I had a baby: Roast Beef slices (the deli select kind), cheese slices, broiled orange roughy fish, fresh fruit salad, oatmeal for breakfast, and broiled eggs for snacks. Absolutely no sugar at all, please.

    Also, eat every 21/2 hours and nothing in between. Drink only water and walk 30 minutes every day.

    If you do eat and do these things, you will lose belly fat, it’s proven.

    Remember, eat every 21/2 hours and you will be able to control your portions, and avoid all sugar.

    This will help you reach your goal!


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