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I am trying to be healthy and lose fat on my stomach. Can I eat pasta?

I am trying to lose the fat on my torso. I am eating 1200 calories and jogging 25-30 min three times a week.
I love pasta and lots of recipes I like to cook (casseroles, etc) contain pasta.
Any suggestions on the pasta intake?

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4 Responses to “I am trying to be healthy and lose fat on my stomach. Can I eat pasta?”

  1. Jesse B said :

    pasta typically is simple carbs that are quickly converted to sugar and not really a great idea while trying to lose fat. If you must have pasta switch to the whole grain version which has a lower impact on the glycemic index.

  2. Jole said :

    Every article I’ve read states simply – you must use more calories than you consume. Nothing more complicated than that, which means basically it doesn’t MATTER what you eat. This is not to advocate poor eating habits. Of course you want to be healthy and get the nutrients your body needs. But the bottom line is, if you’re eating a 1200 calorie/day you will lose weight no matter what you’re eating. BUT I haven’t read anywhere that says 1200 calories a day is enough food. And how long can you really keep that up before you binge?? If you maintain a healthy lifestyle that you can do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE….that’s the only thing that’ll have lasting results.

  3. Brian F said :

    If your daily calorie intake is only 1200 calories there is no problem with eating pasta. Try to do cardio exercise daily you will burn the calories faster.

  4. Valda Stcroix said :

    Hi Tommy,


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