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Is there a way to convert NFTS HDD to Fat-32 without data loss?

I wanted to know this becuase i have heaps of stuff on my external HDD that i want to use on my ps3, and the ps3 can only use fat-32 file system HDD’s and not NTFS ones. I also have no where else to put my data becuase i have 400gb of stuff on it.

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3 Responses to “Is there a way to convert NFTS HDD to Fat-32 without data loss?”

  1. calcprogrammer1 said:

    Nope, it’s a one-way deal. Once you convert a FAT32 to NTFS you can’t go back, and you can’t take a new NTFS partition and convert it to FAT32. Also, if you have any single media files that are greater than 4GB this is not allowed in FAT32, so large movie files can’t even be used in FAT32. What I would recommend is using a media share on your PC instead of directly connecting the hard drive to the PS3. I use TVersity on my file server (an old desktop that has all my data on a 1.5TB hard drive) to share my music with my Xbox 360 and it works great even with formats (FLAC) that the PS3 and 360 don’t support because TVersity transcodes the formats into something the console can understand. The only thing is your console has to be on the same network as the PC and the PC must obviously be on when you want to play the media.

  2. JIM said:

    In strictly computer terms FAT32 is an obsolete file format replaced by NTFS after Windows 2000. No idea why PS3 uses this format but it does have size limitations, and if you really have 400GB of data, you might have problems (simply because 400GB was unheard of in FAT32 days)

  3. t12_incomplete said:

    have you tried converting the PS3 to NTFS? using the DOS “convert”command. NTFS is later and more secure than fat 32. Don’t know if it will work in reverse? At a c:prompt in the run box, the command is “convert:(x) / fs /ntfs (enter)” (x) being the drive and of course minus brackets and inverted commas. FAT32 restricts you to fille size.


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