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Is there a pill out there that can actually “AID” in weight/fat loss?

I know there is no magic pill out there that will make you lose weight. What I am looking for is a pill/supplement to help me start losing. I am following a workout plan and following a good diet, I just need an extra boost. I would appreciate answers from people who have actually used something and not a bunch of people saying there is no such thing. Thanks

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7 Responses to “Is there a pill out there that can actually “AID” in weight/fat loss?”

  1. Balooba said :

    hydroxycut seemed to work for me. There are great vitamins in there, and it actually makes you drink more water, and want to exercise. DO NOT take all that is recommended. it says 6/day, but I only take 3 and I feel the effect

  2. ladyisirish said :

    if you find one please tell me Ihave dibis2 and am battling wt also

  3. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    Diet pills have a very low success rate but the best 5 are supposed to be Orovo Detox, ZCA Stack, Phentermine (prescription only), Hamcho Slim and Hoodia Chaser.

    Apple cider vinegar (diluted with plenty of water) every day will speed up your metabolism and that helps with weight loss.

  4. Dama S said :

    Take note that to be the best weight loss supplement might not to be the best for another. The results can be varies. The best way to knowing the one is read carefully the ingredients. Is it good for your body need? Consult to your doctor. I give a link below as your guidance to choose weight loss supplement.

  5. deledjeff said :

    There are a lot of different types of “diet pills” and some work better than others so you need to understand how and why they work to choose the right one for you. Read some of the articles about this available online at

  6. Lakesha R said :

    before you just buy a pill i recommend trying free ones, I personally used a proactol which was pretty expensive, but u can look at my blog to see some free trials and such. send me a message if u want a diet buddy. try the acai berry pills they give you energy

  7. rcrs said :

    This is a great resource that could help you


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