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Is there a way to concentrate fat loss on just the core area?

Almost my entire body is toned and fit except my core. Im starting to think I just do not have abdominal muscles. If I do how do you get them to come out from hiding?

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3 Responses to “Is there a way to concentrate fat loss on just the core area?”

  1. synergy said :

    From what I have read, there is no way to actually spot reduce a certain area. To lose fat you need to eat a balanced diet and do your cardio regularly (along with strength training). You WILL build those abdominal muscles, the amount of time it will take is based on your diet and genetics.

  2. active trader said :

    its impossible to spot reduce,but the stomach is generally the final place where the fat dissipates so just carry on with the cardio first thing in the morning before eating this will force the fat to be used as fuel-around 30 mins,6 times a week, twice per day,2 hours after last meal

    for ab muscles i would suggest you try isolation crunches-lay on floor,legs raised ,bent and crossed and do as many as possible 5-8 sets every other day,with the cardio on an empty stomach combined with these you will get a 6 pack,just be patient and give it time,GL

  3. Tes said :


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