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Is losing weight and losing fat the same thing?

For example, a friend of mine told me shes lost 8 pounds from less food intake and exercising, but she still has a noticeable tummy which looks the same.
So do you lose weight but still have the belly fat? Or, do you lose weight at first then notice it phsyically after a period of time? This is including exercise.

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3 Responses to “Is losing weight and losing fat the same thing?”

  1. joel95ex said :

    No. rapid weight loss is usually water and/or muscle..weight is not important—-body composition (fat vs lean) is important. most fitness models weigh a lot more than people think but they are very lean so they look better than most people.

  2. TheoneAndOnly said :

    you lose weight but still have the belly fat because the amount of fat you take goes mostly in the belly and less in other places. you’ll need to eat food with less fats and more fruit and veges to replace the fat also you’ll need to exercise to loose the weight in the belly.

  3. orval said :

    The main thing is not to get pills, i think because pills can harm your body.So you need healthy diet plan and everything will be ok.Here the problem is than many people don’t know what actually is healthy diet plan.If you want I can suggest you one site (It’s not mine).I used this system and here are results.

    1st week – 6 lbs
    2nd week – 12 lbs
    3rd week – 13 lbs.

    And that is 100% healthy – no pills.



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