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How do I keep my same clothes after losing weight?

I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately since I’ve changed to a healthy lifestyle and I’ve accumulated a huge wardrobe with clothes I LOVE I’m almost not wanting to lose weight anymore because of it lol. What do I do about this? I don’t have much money to just go out on a shopping spree ya know.

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5 Responses to “How do I keep my same clothes after losing weight?”

  1. Tylarrr said :

    You could just re-sew some of the stuff, just fit it around where it fits, and re-sew it 🙂

  2. Nurse Susan said :

    1] tailor for alterations
    2] learn to sew and do your own alterations

  3. Captain Was said :

    belt or suspenders

  4. ain't real ♫ said :

    i’m sure that some coats, jackets and t-shirts are fine. you will have a problem with your jeans and other pants. you can take them to a dressmaker. i don’t think that it’s gonna cost a lot… but it’s sure less than buying a lot of new clothes!

  5. Mimi said :

    Heres a video tutorial from that might help. It shows you how to alter pants that are too big for you.
    You may also want to try just taking in the sides of your shits by like a 1/2 inch but be careful. You can really mess up the proportions for a garment but altering the size too much.
    Also you may want to save some of your absolute favorite clothes from the alteration basket just in case you, for some unforeseeable reason, put on weight again. I learned that lesson the hard way!


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