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How to I keep from losing weight on a vegetarian diet?

I’m a naturally slender adult male and switched over to a vegetarian diet a few months ago. I have since lost 10 pounds and am worried about losing any more weight–I’m 5’10” and now weigh 122 lbs.

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8 Responses to “How to I keep from losing weight on a vegetarian diet?”

  1. danielwhelan said :

    Try eating more fatty foods like pizzas, chips, veggy burgers etc.

    mainly cheese, milk and margarine/butter

  2. mermaid said :

    Ear loads of carbs such as bread,pasta,potatoes and if you eat dairy,cheese,milk and eggs.Dont eat loads of fatty junk food because although it will help to put weight on it is unhealthy and wont do your body any good.

  3. nightngle said :

    Eating a balanced diet (unlike the first couple of posters advice) is the best. Be sure you’re getting the following each day:
    3 or more servings of fruit
    2 or more servings of legumes
    5 or more servings of whole grains (the less processed the better)
    4 or more servings of vegetables

    You can eat more food than you may be used to, since the food isn’t as calorie dense as meat is. Go to the many vegetarian websites out there and download recipes and start learning what you like and adding different dishes to your meals.

    I made a wonderful vegetarian chili over the weekend with onion, peppers, black beans, kidney beans, corn, Morning Star soy crumbles, in a base of homemade tomato soup, seasoned with our favorite chili spice. Served with cheddar cheese (vegan style for us) and tortilla chips it was very filling and delish!

    With a good diet and a good fitness program you’ll find the weight and fitness level right for you. Good luck!

  4. crystal said :

    eat a lot

  5. Chelsea said :

    Consume at least as many calories each day as you burn.

  6. La Vie Boheme said :

    Eat more’s really as easy as that.

  7. Ying said :

    Eat plenty of healthy fats and make sure that you consume an adequate number of calories for your activity level. As long as you don’t start feeling sick or looking emaciated, I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight; your body is likely to go through weight changes anytime you change your diet and you’ll probably find yourself back where you were before you went veg soon enough.

  8. Joshua said :

    If you’re having health issues from your diet, talk to your doctor. It’s natural to lose weight when switching to a vegetarian diet at first because you are eliminating all of the fats from meat. You can get healthy fats from avocados, nuts, and oils.

    On a healthy vegetarian diet, you should get enough protein without having to deal with meat substitutes. When I first started, I was getting headaches because I wasn’t getting enough calories. Are you having any unhealthy side effects from the diet, or just the weight loss?


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