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How do you get stretch marks from losing weight?

Im a little overweight… I have stretch marks from gaining weight. But i didnt have the stretch marks on my stomach before i was losing weight. Then when i started to excercise i started getting stretch marks on my stomach. I dont know how I am getting them. They make me depressed. I need help!

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3 Responses to “How do you get stretch marks from losing weight?”

  1. all_americanbug said :

    I had that happen too! I don’t know what caused them though. There are some diseases like Bartonella that can cause a type of “stretch marks”. Maybe look into that? I wish I was more help!

  2. emily said :

    It’s a good thing. It meens your losing your fat at a really fast rate! eat lots of food containing oil like fish and it should start to go away!

  3. marilyn said :

    I’m having the same problem. I used to get red stretch marks on my hips growing up, and they’ve faded to a natural color… now I’m getting red stretch marks again now that I’ve started losing weight. I think I might try cortizone cream and/or vitamin E as I hear they help. I think that you have to treat them quick though (like as soon as you start seeing them).


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