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Is there any lotion I can use to reduce stretch marks from losing weight?

I am planning on losing weight but I have very visible stretch marks. Is there anything I can start using now to reduce it by the time I lose the weight?

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6 Responses to “Is there any lotion I can use to reduce stretch marks from losing weight?”

  1. snick89 said :

    Palmers cocoa butter works well!!

  2. Denise T said :

    try palmer’s coco butter formula for stretch marks. its at any drug store

  3. aila said :

    This article reviews three of the top selling brands of stretch mark treatments that actually work. It compares them on effectiveness and cost.

    hope this helps:) good luck!

  4. watermelon said :

    Use palmers co-coa butter…it works great.. My best friend used it as a cream after she had her baby to get rid of her stretch marks…ANd let me tell you ..the marks faded almost to where u got to stare and search

  5. stephanie said :

    use bio oil its not really a lotion but it does wonders. i got rid of ugly stretch marks due to pregnancy its ammaazziinngg!

  6. Jacqueline said :

    yep cocoa butter works and vitamin E oil or cream. you know the vitamins section at a pharmacy? go there and get vitamin E tablets. its a more concentrated amount of vitamin E than the cream would be. so just break the tablets and use them on your skin!


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