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What is a good diet for losing weight fast?

I have tried the Atkins and lost a good amount of weight but I have burned out on it. Have you ever heard of the Gabbage diet and does it work?

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10 Responses to “What is a good diet for losing weight fast?”

  1. twowords said :

    No diet works fast.
    No diet works fast.
    No diet works fast.

    Hope this helps! .

  2. The Yellow Dart said :

    Just lay down the twinkies and ding dongs, exercise, and you’ll shed the weight.

  3. Dr Stoopid said :

    air is good

  4. blamb! said :

    Drink tons of water

  5. happygirl said :

    That’s the Cabbage Diet… Yuck! Yes, I heard of it. Talk about burning out on something… you will burn out in the cabbage diet, fast. I like Dr. Peter Gott’s. No Flour, No Sugar Diet. You can more info on any seach.

    Good Luck.

  6. crazy_sandy35 said :

    I have heard you do lose weight but its very little. I’m just like you burned out on theses diet and tryin’ to find another good diet to try so if you find one please let me know.

  7. malfox65 said :

    Isagenix really works – check out my changes at
    It’s easy to follow, your cravings go away, your body gets healthier – truly amazing

  8. Linda T said :

    Any diet that lets you lose weight fast will only backfire with more weight gained in the long run.

    The best diet in my opinion is the Low GI diet. Check it out on the internet.

  9. luvsacountryboy said :

    sure, do the cabbage diet if you dont want anyone hanging around you!! you will get nothing but a lot of gas with that. Plus, it doesn’t work!

  10. livingstyle said :

    Find some good informations about
    losing weight fast at


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