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How is my friend losing fat but gaining muscle weighing the same?

My friend doesn’t eat very much, she eats small meals through out the day normally consisting of bread and cheese. She is a vegetarian so no meat. she hardly ever exercises, maybe a jog once a month. she has some insomnia for about a month i’d say now, she cant sleep at night until early morning. Her weight stays the same and some how she is gaining muscle.

could someone explain? anything similar happen to anyone else or someone you know?

I’m worried i hope its not a bad thing

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4 Responses to “How is my friend losing fat but gaining muscle weighing the same?”

  1. kristina said :

    well i’m wondering if she’s not gaining muscle, just becoming so gaunt and losing so much fat that what muscles she has are becoming more prominent. you should get her to weigh herself, and if she’s underweight and/or the insomnia persists, she should see a doctor.

  2. Rob said :

    it’s called exercise. try it. you will get muscles too.

  3. Rebecca said :

    Her diet is unhealthy, first of all. She’ll be lacking in nutrients and vitamins necessary for growth and development. She needs meat or meat alternatives, and leafy greens, carbs and dairy, at no less than 1500 calories a day if she’s still growing. Diets should never be less than 1200 calories, and if they’re that low she should have a plan from a dietitian.
    Also, insomnia is not a disease. It is a symptom of another problem. If she’s up on facebook until 4 am every day, that could be the problem. She’s not an insomniac, she’s just running on night shift hours because she’s trained her body to do that. It takes weeks to get back on a normal sleep cycle. Her diet could also be to blame.
    If she’s not exercising, she’s not gaining muscle unless she’s on steriods. To gain muscle, you have to exercise. That’s just how they work. Muscle weighs a bit more than fat.
    A jog once a month is not enough to burn fat or build muscle. Women need to work out for at least 40 minutes to start burning fat, and they need to do that several times a week to see results.
    Your friend may also have an eating disorder.

  4. The Wild Man said :

    try the little jack workout it works wonders


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