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What is the best way to train for losing weight and gaining muscle for me???

Im 24yrs old, 280lbs (20stone), 6ft4inch tall, i dont look that bad for 280lbs because i have big build wich helps. Can anyone help me with some diet tips or excersise routines? Would it be best for me to lose weight before i start lifting weights or gain muscle and then lose weight? Please help. Thanks

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6 Responses to “What is the best way to train for losing weight and gaining muscle for me???”

  1. vpacodere said :

    How are you,

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  2. PinkKIllerBunny said :


  3. chalitoavila1 said :


    Loosing weight can be a tricky thing. The health industry gives misleading information to boost supplement, steroids and equipment sales.

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  4. Clint said :

    keep on track

  5. mansionghost said :

    Have you treid this excerise video

  6. Trudie Demaranville said :

    Awesome post . Thanks for, commenting on this blog mate. I shall email you soon! I didnt realise that.


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