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is it true as you grow you get slimmer??? xx?

im 14 and older people say that as i grow i will get slimmer coz im gona strech is that true??? xx

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6 Responses to “is it true as you grow you get slimmer??? xx?”

  1. Classii said :

    They mean as you grow taller you slim so yes its true!

  2. spartan51 said :

    if you dont over eat or if your not fat ya you willl slim(exept at the hips).

  3. Missy said :

    Yupp, i’ve seen it happen to a lot of people. They grow and the amount they eat isn’t enough to make a body that tall get as big as it was before. However you’re a 14 year old girl right? So you probably won’t do very much growing anymore.

  4. NRG said :

    no, this is not true at all.
    whoever told you that was lying

  5. Austin said :

    Kids tend to grow out and up, out and up, and out and up, SO yes.. if you eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle.

  6. I ate the last cookie! said :

    Yes if you consider growing as getting taller and not gaining weight at all. Hope that helps. I’m 16 and ppl say I got skinnier since 7th grade (when I was 12). I didn’t even grow that much. All I did was eat what I want, when I want. Life just loves me I guess. And what is up with all the girls wanting to get skinnier? The world these days.


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