When you start your period do you grow taller and get slimmer?

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8 Responses to “When you start your period do you grow taller and get slimmer?”

  1. Zaya B said:

    i got a little bit heavier and yeah taller. but after i got it i havent grown and its been like 7 months lol. but im fine with my height so its all good. please answer mine:


  2. Bunny said:

    When u start u stop growing 4 a while
    u also get curvier so you can carry a baby inside you easier!

  3. Courtney said:

    Typically when you go through puberty, it makes you rounder, like you get curves. Boobs and hips.

  4. Mr. L0ser said:


  5. Stef W said:

    Most girls reach puberty whilst they are still growing so it is likely you will get a little taller around the same time. Also redistribution of fat as breasts growing so you may get a little slimmer, and also I think a lot of girls tend to lose weight around puberty as its the age where dieting becomes a lot more common, but its different for everyone, so you won’t necessarily grow any taller and slimmer than you are now.

  6. Pico said:

    I was 11 when I got my period. I probably weighed about 125 lbs and was around 5’4″. By the time I was 14, I was down to 113 lbs and I was just under 5’6″. That was just my experience.

  7. Miiss Cherie said:

    I used to have loads of puppy fat and when I started my periods that all went.. I’m rather slim now and I think that is due to my regular periods like somehow getting rid of fat as well as blood lol… However I haven’t grown that much .. I’m only 5ft 2 but that could also be due to my parents being small.. So you could grow I suppose.. it just didn’t happen to me x

  8. Mrs.Fawbush If You Seek Amy.. said:

    no you don’t grow taller and you deff. don’t grow slimmer


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