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3 months to see fat loss results True or False?

So I’ve been working out for about two weeks and I already feel better. I currently weigh about 165 lbs and I am trying to lose down to 135 lbs. I’ve started eating more snacks during the day and doing different kinds of excersizes for an hour.Obviously losing weight is going to take time, but I’ve heard that you really don’t see results until you hit 3 months of working out? Is this true?

Thanks! : _ )

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One Response to “3 months to see fat loss results True or False?”

  1. Jake V said :

    Just depends I guess, me and my girl freind follow the same diet and do the sam excercises. We have been doing it for 2 monthes and I have lost 28 lbs, and she has only lost 3. She also only weight 130 while I weighed 240 but it is different with everyone but in general it is harder for women to lose weight then men I think. Just keep working hard at it, the weight will come off eventually and in the meantime your body is healthier whether or not you start losing right away.


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