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Is this true about fat loss?

I heard that if you bike ride or jog first thing in the morning, without eating breakfast, you lose 300% the amount of fat you would normally lose if you did it after breakfast.

Is this true? I heard that this has something to do with fasting between dinner and the next time you eat.


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3 Responses to “Is this true about fat loss?”

  1. RandomPerson said:

    Maybe you just lose muscle since you are losing muslce by not eating. I doubt that that statement is truej.

  2. Mr.Gyro117 said:

    highly doubt its true seeingshow there have been studies showing that eating in the morning before you do anything is healthy for you. plus if you eat before you go running or biking then youll burn those calories of compared to the other way around

  3. Mike M said:

    not sure about the percentages they are all made up, however you do burn more fat when you run or bike before you eat in the morning. this is because the glycocyn levels and sugar levels in your body are low in your body in the morning so when you run you burn the rest of the glycocin and then it will start burning fat because traditionally you have to burn that before it burns your fat storrages. the hard part about running in the morning is that it can be extremely tough and should only be done by healthy individuals and not by fat people just starting their diets because with no food in your system you will have very low energy and will not be able to run for a long time. running before breakfast is very difficult but it works well with burning fat.


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