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Does more cardio mean better results for fat loss?

Does more cardio mean better results for fat loss?
Lets say I do intense cardio in the morning. Will doing light cardio throughout the day increase my results for fat loss, rather than doing just intense cardio?

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4 Responses to “Does more cardio mean better results for fat loss?”

  1. PG said :

    Cardio is the key to burning fat.
    Weight training is the key to tighting your skin as you lose weight.
    You need to do both.

  2. Naomi w said :

    More cardio and more strength,weights

  3. Lokey said :

    Cardio is extremely important for fat loss, but weight training is just as important. Cardio only burns fat while you are doing cardio, but building muscle can increase your metabolism allowing fat burning during rest.

  4. Soul Doctor said :

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    Take care and God Bless !


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