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Is it true that you get slimmer and grow taller right before your first period?

Well this is what happened to my friend, she grew about 3 inches during the few months before she started and her face became less round,

Is this what usually happens?

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6 Responses to “Is it true that you get slimmer and grow taller right before your first period?”

  1. M♥t♥cr♥ss 916 said :

    lol no

  2. Charlie said :

    Not to my knowledge! But everyones different!

  3. Kayley East said :

    No short fat people get periods too 🙂

  4. Cynthia Cynthia said :

    lol no usually your body slows down on growing and you get more body like hips and boobs

  5. Dr Frank said :

    There is no such relationship.

  6. Romeo said :

    If you want to be taller just set that goal. Don’t think bad thoughts that you will forever be short just set your head into believing you’ll grow, believe me it works. The mind has not limit when used properly. Don’t try those things that stretch you out, they just pop your joints, and don’t try steroids they won’t work. l’ m 24 and i am 6’0 , my father 5’7 and mum 5’4. l was the same height as my father 8 months ago and l was always told that l would not grow over 5’7 , the height can’t be controlled , height was determined by your genetic ,inheritance etc. i was really fed up with these narrow- minded people around me and l hit the road for a solution. l have researched books , doctors and internet high and low for increasing height, and tried many growth boosters. From my experience what worked on me :
    1. Eat lots of Broccoli.
    2. Eat at least 250gr yougurt every day.
    3. Regular Swimming helps.
    4. Sleep without pillows, and sleep at least 8 hrs daily.
    5. Super-Growth works or
    6. Use an inversion table for 20- 30 minutes every day.
    Follow the tips above and you’ll grow a few inches taller regardless of your age.


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