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What should I eat for breakfast right before my workout: running? My goal is weightloss?

I have cross country camp from 6:30am-8am.
I’m really working on toning my body…I want to consume something really healthy before my jog that will aid me in losing weight.
I don’t want to eat food that will just get burned off during my run, I want the excess calories not from the meal to get burned off too.
What light snack should i eat?
Should it have protein?

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3 Responses to “What should I eat for breakfast right before my workout: running? My goal is weightloss?”

  1. Joe said :

    Well First of I advise not eating “right” before you run. Try to eat about 2 hours before you run to avoid cramping. As to what to eat in terms of healthy and what will make you lose weight better Here’s an article from runner’s world,7120,s6-242-304–13089-0,00.html I personally lost almost 10 pounds when I started running this summer to get in shape for cross country as well. I just tried not to overeat avoid things high in fat and have a snack like a energy bar or fruit if I did get Hungry later on. Hope this helps remember though the point of a early season training plan is to build a base so you can handle more challenging workouts later on, and most importantly don’t get injured 🙂

  2. Megan <3 said :

    A good snack is a banana or apple or another piece of fruit. It is easily digestible so you won’t be too bothered by cramps when running. Or you could have a granola bar or some toast or even oatmeal. All runners prefer different things so you will have to experiment. Also make sure to drink some water throughout the morning so you will be hydrated during your workout.
    It’s usually best to eat an hour or so before running, but with camp starting at 6:30 that won’t really be feasible. Just try to eat right after you get up to let your body get started on digesting right away.
    Protein is good for energy but it’s more important to eat AFTER working out, when it will help repair your muscles. Try to get some good protein and healthy carbs in your dinner the night before practice too.

  3. Canadian ♥Road Runner said :

    I actually eat after my run bc I’m out for a run at 6 am and will eat breakfast consisting of a yogurt and bananna, sometimes a slice of bread with a small amount of PB (good protein there).


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