How do I start running if I have never been a runner before? Long term goal is a Marathon!?

As I say my long term goal is to enter a marathon. I have a reasonable fitness level but very little stamina when it comes to running.

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7 Responses to “How do I start running if I have never been a runner before? Long term goal is a Marathon!?”

  1. merlin said:

    start by jogging 1 or 2 miles for a few weeks do this daily and then increase to 5 miles,good luck

  2. jewels790be said:

    Hello there,
    My husband and I took a Learn to Run clinic and it was really helpful
    If you are going to start running, start with one and ones,
    one minute walking, one minute running for about 20 minutes.
    do that for a week , then the next week go to two and twos and so on until you are running the whole 20 minutes.
    We found it alot less intimidating and alot more realistic than just trying to run straight when you’ve not built up the stamina for it yet. Good luck!

  3. robinuren2000 said:

    put one foot in front of the other fast repeat til you get to destination

  4. gfdgirl said:

    The Lukemia/Lymphoma Society has an excellent program called “Team in Training.” They will hook you up with coaches and trainers if you commit to run one of their marathons.

  5. mockingbird said:

    I just signed up for a triathlon and I’ve never been a runner either. I followed a friend’s advice and got some good running shoes first (I was just going to run in cross-trainers but she convinced me they wouldn’t have enough support… after a couple of runs in the new shoes I am positive that she was right on the money!)

    I have started out slowly, alternating between running and walking. I am now up to three minutes running and one walking and can do three miles in just a little over half an hour. My goal is just to get to running three miles straight. Once you get past that point, I have no idea how to train for a marathon, but I’m sure someone else here will have some insight into that.

  6. rthornton001 said:

    Running is difficult when going at it alone. Find a running buddy. Someone who is on your level (beginner). Set a time that works out for you both and then stick to it. The human body is quite amazing and can adapt varyly quickly depending on the exercise that you do. Find a nice running pace and try to keep it without stopping for 15 minutes then stop for the day. You will feel sore (it’s normal). The next day go for 20 minutes and increase the lenght until 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then try to go faster. WARNING: Strech for at least ten minutes before and after. Look on the internet for streching the Triceps sural, quadrecips, and iliopsoas. The buddy is key.

  7. Blue said:

    A good program for just starting out is the Couch to 5K plan: It’s a run/walk program that builds up to 30 minutes of running in 2 months. After that program, sign up for a local 5K race to test yourself. Then work your way up to a 10K. Once you’ve mastered the 10K, train for and run a half marathon. Then, you should be ready to train and run a marathon.

    Here’s a good Yahoo group for beginning runners:


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