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Is it true that drinking alot of water speeds up fat-loss?

I know water is the best thing you can drink, but does it really make you lose more weight?

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7 Responses to “Is it true that drinking alot of water speeds up fat-loss?”

  1. James Lee said:

    no you don’t pee out fat… just more water

  2. Scott said:

    No eat healthy lose weight working out water will fill ur hunger more

  3. jasmine said:

    yes. 1 – it helps you to eat less than you normally would when you drink before meals, and 2- its actually the best cleanser for your body and keeps you hydrated. and I have clients that can prove it. [email protected] whenever you are ready to lose some serious weight!

  4. Aaron said:

    In a way yes…. substituing water in for sodas juices, and alcohol normally consumed is obviously cutting out those calories. Also, being well hydrated helps your body to run more efficiantly and can speed up your matabolism, but it will not happen overnight or anything. You will almost certainly feel better and have more energy once well hydrated (which takes about 24 hours to achieve if you are currently dehydrated). I hope this helps.

  5. Julia Gee said:

    no, but its better than drinking sodas or juices. If you only drink water, then you don’t have to burn the calories that you would consume if you drank sodas or juices.

  6. Fabian said:

    it’s not actually the “best thing you can drink”
    green/white tea without sugar is really healthy xD
    don’t go overboard with the water though, but being sufficiently hydrated has been proven to aid concentration/activeness/general health etc.
    and it is a good way to cut down on calories by subsituting sugary drinks for water.
    good luck 😀

  7. ECDJ said:

    No, drinking water does not help speed up weight loss. You will hear trainers tell people when they are first starting out that they need to drink more water. This is because many people are not properly hydrated and tend to eat high sodium diets, which make your body retain water.

    So what happens when you first start dieting and working out, you eat less sodium and drink more water so your body feels that there will be no shortage of water and it does not need extra water for digestion, so you start retaining less liquid. And as a result you see a sudden initial weight loss, which is actually more a result of “water weight” decrease as you retain less water, than fat decrease.

    It is important that once that initial rapid water weight loss slows down that you don’t loose motivation to continue, as your results will start becoming less dramatic and require even more exercise and dieting.

    Keep up the good work, and never loose motivation!


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