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is it possible to gain weight while dieting and exercising?

i’ve been jogging almost every day for 20 minutes and doing crunches, stretches, etc. i’ve been checking the calories on my food and always come in around or under 2000 but i don’t check the fat/salt content and that sort of thing. i haven’t weighed myself but if anything i look bigger. slightly worrying… in 5ft6 and last time i checked i’m about 110 lbs.

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2 Responses to “is it possible to gain weight while dieting and exercising?”

  1. MI5 said :

    Exercise type can influence your body shape and muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle will build according to the body’s requirements to adapt to the type of exercise you do. Or maybe people chose the best type of exercise suited to their existing body shape but people I see in yoga, body balance and pilates classes at the gym are always tend to be long and lean bodied. Consider picking a body shape you would like to go for then get some advice on how to achieve it in terms of both diet and exercise.

  2. Munch said :

    Depends how long you’ve been following this plan of yours.

    I’d say check the scales about 3 weeks after your training programme, and each week following that, because it can take a while for your metabolism to get racing.

    Regarding diet, eating under 2000 calories isn’t really ideal for weight loss, a quicker response, I’d suggest aiming for 1600-1800 calories especially if your a women.
    And, apart from calorie counting, check the fat contents in your food, if its more than 10g per 100g, as a general rule, leave it out.

    Regarding exercise, 20 minutes isn’t very good. Aim for 45 mins to an hour a day. It’s easy to incorporate into your day by simply walking or cycling as a mode of transport as opposed to using the car or bus, especially in the summer.

    Also, at the beginning of a weight loss program, you do tend to put on a small amount of weight from you muscles responding and being built up from exercise.


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