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Is it possible that i just lost weight by going for a poo?

Ok, i’ve felt so fat the past few days, I’m a size 10 all over but my belly was poking out so much since Monday morning…sorry to be crude but i just took the biggest poop in the world.
Looked in the mirror my stomach is completley flat and unpinchable.


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7 Responses to “Is it possible that i just lost weight by going for a poo?”

  1. Kc Paige said :

    teach me how to get that much out enough to flaten your stomach!!@

  2. Ulrina said :

    It’s not possible to lose “real” weight, aka fat, this way. But yes, obviously when there is less matter inside you then you weigh less and stomach will appear flatter. X

  3. Shane said :

    You have lost weight until you eat your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks again, then it’ll probably go back to how it was I’m afraid! 😛


  4. JOHN B said :

    If your poo did not float in the air, then it must have a weight, so you must loose an equal weight to your poo

  5. MichaelS said :

    It’s possible if you get severely clogged up inside you can have several kilos (5pounds or more) of food being processed in your gut at any time. This can be shown by people who have a colonoscopy have to take medication to clear everything out so the camera thingy has a clear view – these people usually temporarily lose a few kilos.

    However when you start eating you just put this weight back on again. If you took your weight many times a day over a week or so you’d see it goes up and down a many pounds (1-2kilos). The low weights will be after a poo or maybe a long time since you’ve eaten – which is why many people weigh themselves first thing in the morning when you’re at your lightest. That’s why it’s recommended you weight yourself at the same time of day.

    Personally I like to see that low weight in the morning – especially if I’m trying to lose weight to hit a particular target! I find that pretty hard but over the last year or so it was all tummy grumbles and not much progress – then I did some research on the net and came across a couple of programs that really help and now I’d doing very nicely – it still takes hard work though!

  6. ashish g said :

    i weight 2 kgs more in night then in morning.. so it means that its a temporary lose of weight.. go for pranayam if u want to lose weight.

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