If I have lost weight, why is my bra now pinching?

I have lost around 9lbs since early August, Not quite dropped a dress size by my “bear belly” is gone. The thing I don’t understand is why in the last couple of days my bra is pinching under the arms. Shouldn’t it be getting looser not tighter?

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4 Responses to “If I have lost weight, why is my bra now pinching?”

  1. cs said:

    bloating? happens to most women once a month.

  2. ☆ツ ℓeenα. said:

    Did you by chance tighten the straps? Dumb reply, I’m sorry, but a good point to check!

    Maybe your chest went up a cup size, it could be possible.

    How did you about losing those pounds?
    I run track and over the years, my entire chest frame got larger / more structured. Maybe running did that to you as well if that’s what you did.

  3. Koko said:

    when you lose weight, your boobs often don’t get any smaller (because it is mostly breast tissue not fat) but your back size will decrease, so for example you may go from a 36 to 34 but you will probably go from a C to a D, its confusing i know but the best thing to do is go somewhere like debenhams or m&s or a lingerie store and get measured properly, but i bet i’m right!!lol

  4. The Wild Man said:

    try the Lil Jack Workout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKCGe2Ezris it really works


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