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Is it best to get fit on a treadmill or out on the roads?

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6 Responses to “Is it best to get fit on a treadmill or out on the roads?”

  1. Dakotah C said :

    Out on the road. It is better to get fit that way because you got all kinds of obstacles such as hills. twists and turns. and all kinds of terrain.

  2. smudger... said :

    def on the roads as u get the hills and the wind in ure face which makes it harder,but ure best bet is 2 go 2 the park and run around it on the grass as it takes the impact out,so its easier on ure knees and ankles…

  3. chris said :

    both are good, but your knees strain on the road( the cartilage begins to strain also because of the hard surface) I would say do both, the sun will help you sweat more.

  4. SleepyFire said :

    i’m pretty sure out on the roads are better, my gym teacher told me and outdoors theres wind resistance and i think it makes you do more strides, i prefer on the roads just cause theres a change of scenery not just the wall in your basement, plus fresh air

  5. dougiewoogie said :

    Grass is better for your knees! Treadmills are BORING…….

  6. Robert H said :

    Yes outside and preferably on the trails and grass. Better for your body and mind.

    Unless the treadmill has good variety you can have problems where your speed and stride is the same for the entire run and therefore injuries can occur. Just mixing up your stride while on a normal run as variety and strength to your body above that which you can get on the treadmill.


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