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whats the best trainning method to build speed on the treadmill?

im not a beginer ive been running for severall years and run fast. 10k 39min. now im finding it hard ton get that time down anymore, people have been telling me that im not doing enough speed trainning, but they have not told me what to do. im thinking would some treadmill workouts help?? anyone now. will give 10 points to a resonable answer.

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6 Responses to “whats the best trainning method to build speed on the treadmill?”

  1. Under Pressure said :


  2. slappy said :

    Just regular use! As you get fitter, so you’ll get faster. Obvious I think!

  3. caliteam said :

    it depends whether you want sprinting speed, or endurance speed for long distances.

    for short distances, try slowing increasing the speed with 30 second intervals. by 3 minutes, you’ll be sprinting, and then slow down speed by decreasing intervals by 15 seconds and easing your way through.

    for long distance, stay at a moderate speed for 3 minutes, then go much faster maybe a 7 or 8 for 1 or 2 minutes. then go back to the moderate speed. once you’re comfortable with that make moderate spped only 2 minutes, and do fast spped for 30 sec. longer.

    hope it works for you

  4. runner158 said :

    I am not sure you can build speed on the treadmill. You need to run in short fast bursts to build speed and i don’t think that is possible on the treadmill. Like my coach always said “the only way to run the 100m faster is to go out there and run 100s”.

  5. steven_prentice_666 said :

    Your running your 10k at about 10mph, or just under.

    Speed training is where you run shorter distances than you normally do but a lot faster. So you might run 1km but at say 11mph (in say 3 1/2 minutes), then have a break and repeat. Make these training session last about 30 minutes so you might warm up for a few minutes (say a 1km jog) and a warm down then the rest is repeated short sprints.

    The treadmill can be used as well. On the treadmill set it faster then you normally run at – in your case about 10.5mph to 10.8 for a normal training session. To do a sprint session you can set the treadmill to say 10mph, and run at that for a minute, then set it to a fast pace – 11 to 11.5 or more if you can manage it, and run for a minute, then back to 10mph for a minute to recover then fast again….. Its tough but your legs get used to the speed. The treadmill forces you to keep going fast where outside you can slow down.

    Another tough sprint session I do is for about 10 to 12 minutes set the treadmill to 10mph. Every 30 seconds increase the speed by 0.1mph and go as far as you can. Just as you are beginning to tire you are increasing the speed not making it easier – it is tough but works

    Getting faster isn’t easy because coupled with that you have to keep your stamina high so good luck

  6. ALBERT H said :

    Just keep doing what you do;remember middle distance runners could get to 4min.mile but the psychological barrier to get below is huge,it will not come overnight,but,rest assured it will get better with patience.


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