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What Is The Best Time To Use Treadmill?

hi there! i would like ask that what is the best time to use a treadmill, i mean after wakin’ up in the mornin’ or in the evening and what are the best exercises that we can do before startin’ [the warmin’ up exercise and finishin’ exercise
thankx cheers

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7 Responses to “What Is The Best Time To Use Treadmill?”

  1. Eefs33 said :


  2. sbhpink said :

    Stretch until you feel all your muscles are loose and starting to feel warmer, i’ve heard it’s best to excercise in the morning after breakfast to get your body going, and apparently its better at helping you carry on losing weight through the day as your body has worked itself up for the day.

  3. Mr Bad Boy said :

    It really makes no difference what time u do it

  4. Dal MaccA said :

    exercise bike morning and night are best to lose weight as it keeps your metabolism going

  5. je t'aime<3 said :

    i think you should wake up stretch out your body for a while and then eat a light but nutritious breakfast and then go on the treadmill. it will get you going for the day. after work you could do a short 15 min brisk walk on it, but nothing more or you wont be able to go to sleep that night!

    goodluck and good for you for trying to get fit and healthy!

  6. aaron g said :

    well if you want to lose weaigth then use it first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast that way it burns fat not energy. But if you lift weaights then after your workout that way you wont be tired

  7. Bertie Ragus said :

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