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Which sport shoes are the best for gym – ie treadmill, cycle, rowing, stepper?

Is is better to have flat soles?

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20 Responses to “Which sport shoes are the best for gym – ie treadmill, cycle, rowing, stepper?”

  1. punteroftheworld said :

    pimsol’s lol

  2. mommy_2_icklebub said :

    Flat ones are the key to comfort and saftey. I use converse plimsolls myself. Its hard work, working out in big heavy duty trainers!

  3. Pulsar_GTI said :

    I use Nike Shoxs they feel loads better than my other trainers when in the gym 🙂

  4. sammy said :

    Nike and yes

  5. kpk said :

    You need some proper trainers if you’re going to wear them for using the treadmill. If you try running in plimsolls, you’ll ruin your feet.

    Go for something which cushions and supports your feet. Go to a decent sports shop though where they know what shoes are suitable for what activities, most of the high street sports shops are useless for that sort of thing.

  6. jaboom said :

    asics for me.

  7. derbyboy said :

    nike shox and air max and all the other gimmiky ones are a waste of time

    your best bet is to find a running shop(go on runners

    and they will look at how you walk and run, most of the shops have treadmills in them, because most people either under or over pronate which means you run on the inside or outside of your feet and this can cause problems, so the trainers they will advise you to get will help compensate for how you run.

    if you dont want to go to a runners shop nike pegasus are a good allrounder that have good support and cushioning. hope this helps.

  8. rafikitwothreesix said :

    Find out if you are a pronator, Neutral or supinator.

    Take your favourite pair of sport shoes to a specialist sport shop and get them to check you out, a really good store will have a treadmill set up that has a video camera set up to check you out.

    Once you have found this out buy the best pair of shoes that you can afford,

    I am a pronator and use asics IGS running shoes,

  9. Aashish said :

    I use Nike Shoxs they feel loads better than my other trainers when in the gym 🙂

  10. starb1973 said :

    personally i prefer nike air max they are so comfortable, but i suppose it all depends what you feel most comfortable in

  11. vocalize said :

    tell gym to get his own shoes.

  12. Ben H said :

    i use my etnies – sk8 trainers! comfy as hell they are – and very durable

  13. GUMMY said :

    NIKE running trainers

  14. Lereve said :

    -nike, asics, avia, prince, adidas, puma, …
    each one of this trademarks have a special shoe for each kind of activity or sport you are involved with…

  15. siobhan said :


  16. Lize-May W said :

    Ask any good shoe shop for Crosstraining trainers. They support you ankle and foot when excersizing.

  17. shellysowner said :

    DER YES!! U would look pretty stupid in high heels!!!!

  18. sallyaici said :

    Nike. I think it´s better to have flat soles

  19. Boston The Border Collie said :

    Your feet take a battering on the treadmill, far more than you may be aware of and you’ll tend to run flat footed as opposed to off your toes and heels. Watch out for fast walking, that’s a very clever way of keeping part of the foot in contact with the surface at all times, bit of a foot twister. Different shoes for different disciplines but as an all rounder, Adidas Supernova or similar. Cross trainer that allows flexibility and has loads of foot support. No reason why you cannot row barefoot if there is a foot board fitted. Cycling can be a bit of a problem.

  20. Lighthouse1 said :

    The best shoes for gym are flat soles. Most probably rowing kind of can do well. Since gym actions involve a lot of footworks and movement of quick turnings. One needs not to be held tide to turnings but flexible always.

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