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What is the best way to increase running/sprinting speed?

Any ideas on treadmill or anything or method thanks, best gets 10 points!

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22 Responses to “What is the best way to increase running/sprinting speed?”

  1. Craig m said :

    put 1 leg in front of the other quicker

  2. fivetoze said :

    run up an incline… and build stamina… on a flat level surface you’ll fly.

  3. TOMHAMMER3 said :

    try going for a jog every so often.

  4. Neil the Hat said :

    Release a tiger. But make sure it’s on a treadmill as well or it’ll probably maul you.

  5. laddersnake said :

    You need to run/sprint with some sort of drag chute behind you.

  6. YEA! said :

    Well my rugby coach and this site on running said that stretching well everyday can increase you’re performance by up to 40%. Not being flexible and running is like driving wih your handbrake on.
    Good luck, Greg.

  7. stevev221290 said :

    Right the way I did this was to like set yourself like a little 100M track and everyday Run as fast as you can over the 100M and eventually you will get a lot quicker over time this is how I trained to get into the army

  8. ifti a said :

    Dont run with big steps if you want to increase your sprint for a short race

  9. jamie L said :

    deep breathing and stretching b4 running and u will see the improvements in running especially in a beep test

  10. ron said :

    you can increase your running/sprinting speed by exercising your body, but you dint need to force your seft to be fit in sport you playing

  11. Troy G said :

    lose weight

  12. DENO said :

    Try running at diffrent speeds and distances evry day, for example, one day you run for 15 mins, so try changing your speed like, 5 mins jogging, 5 mins sprinting and 5 mins walking and then the same routine all over again.

    And also try the bleep test.

  13. Mark W said :

    Plyometrics, Strength Training and Stretching.

  14. Neil Mackenzie said :

    Sounds pretty obvious, but bear with me on this.. While you’re running, always keep these ideas in the forefront of your mind. You are only pushing forward while your feet are in contact with the ground and, even though it may not feel like it, all the time your feet are not in contact with the ground, you are slowing down. You need to concentrate on that information and resist the temptation to ‘sail’ between strides. Sailing is slowing.

  15. imrickjames62 said :

    How do you get better at sports, hobbies, ect? You practice them.
    The best way to improve your sprint speed is to sprint(not jog). Uphill sprints are good.

  16. Erc said :

    use the elliptical, it helps alot, go to a local gym if you have a membership, and a trainer can help you out, but the only equipment ive been told of to increase speed is the elliptical, good luck 🙂

  17. xinchu said :

    Our coach at the track team would, for sprint workouts, make us do uphill sprints.

    Find a uphill area that’s about 300 m. Don’t find a steady incline, find an actual hill that’s about 30 degrees elevated at least. Then, sprint up the hill and jog down/walk down and repeat. I would do four times, and 2 sets, or eight in all.

    also, on the treadmill, you could sprint for 20 seconds (about 100 m or 150m, depending on your speed) and then walk/jog for 40 seconds. Repeat four times, three sets. You can do this on the track too, by running the curve of the track (100 m) and then walk across the field back to your starting point.

    If you can find a track, then I would suggest running sets like this: The first set of 2 400 m. sprints, the second set of 4 200 m. sprints, one 800 m. run, and then last 2 200m. sprints. You can walk in between sets.

    Finally, a good workout for sprinting longer distances is doing mile repeats. Basically you run one mile about 7 minutes, and repeat three times.

    good luck!

  18. Hilary said :

    Locomotion scientists have proven the most important thing for running speed is how much muscle support force a runner has at ground contact. The fastest runners have the most support force (so they don’t collapse at the ankle/knee) and the shortest ground contact times. Try leg presses where you lift the weight with both legs but hold in place with one leg, on ball of foot, knee slightly bent. Hold as much weight as you can for 10-20 seconds. Do 3-6 holds on each leg once or twice a week. Also run short under distance sprints to apply the strength faster and improve the storage and release of elastic energy.

  19. icecreamdreams_2000 said :

    lift your needs and gradually each sesion for loger periods. It’ll help with your second wind.

  20. retroman said :

    you are now in the close season so we are now preparing (conditioning for the new athletic season namely next year
    Training based on 3 sessions / week
    do not use a treadmill I feel these are better for longer distance athletes and running less than 85% will create enzymes to allow you to run longer but slower (see track work)
    fitness gym free weights if possible
    indoor session for circuits
    outdoors session at an athletics track
    weights work an all round strength circuit for
    upper body strength core strength an leg strength
    indoors circuits an all round circuit including bunny hops dips if poss press ups scrunchies making all of your muscles work for strength
    outdoors for specific 100 run 120’s/150/s 85% speed to gain stamina probably 5/6 sets for 100/200Mt’s do the same but 250’s
    bunny hop 6/8 hurdles and in front of an incline then from the last hurdle sprint the hill variations could be say with a partner precede the hops with a 5kg med ball 20 sit ups and throws then bunny hop etc
    then round about end Jan beginning Feb you then speed everything up downhill / wind assisted running for speed say 6 hurdles but work them faster and sprint straight 20 mts or so anything that builds speed into your strength prog if you bike for instance start using a lower gear so you get speed rather than pure strength a lot to take in if you fancy it join an athletics club this should be the sort of training they will be doing starting about Oct hehe not easy but no one ever said it would be easy if you feel you want anything explained or upgraded email me and if you want to do a specific sport for speed I’ll try to help the above though pertinent for sports in general is an atheletic 100/200 training prog

  21. steven_prentice_666 said :

    2 things to do here. I’m assuming you want to go faster over a set distance so you have to have the stamina to go the distance to start with.

    Its silly to be able to only run 2 miles in a 4 mile run and have to walk the other 2 home regardless of how fast you run. So first tip is to make sure you can run the distance. Most people do this by doing a long run each week (mostly on the roads cause treadmill after a while is boring).

    The next tip is to do short sprints. On a treadmill set it to go faster than normal but run a shorter distance. If your short sprint distance is say, 5 minutes then have a minute or so walk after to recover and repeat the sprint. This gets your legs used to running faster

    The next tip is to run up hills, this builds strength in your legs – on the treadmill set the incline to say 2% and run for 10 minutes at a shorter speed than normal

    So here are a few treadmill specific tips.

    OK The long run – not much you can do there apart from just run – set it at a constant speed and just go for it.

    Fast runs – set the treadmill at a fast speed for you and run, say 5 minutes, then slow, walk and recover and repeat

    Fast Runs – 2 – set the treadmill to a little slower than your long run and every 45 seconds increase the speed by 0.1mph, try to run like that for 10 minutes – if you set the starting speed right its a very tough work out and good for fast legs (just as you are getting tired you go faster). Don’t go too fast to fall off the end of course!

    Fast runs – 3 – Every 2 minutes alternate between normal speed and a fast speed (sort of Fartlec training)

    Hil runs – set the treadmill to an incline and just go for it

    Hill runs – 2 – set the treadmill to a bit slower speed and no incline then every 30 seconds increase the incline by 0.5% incline for as long as you can then to 0%, run to recover and repeat – its a tough work out but good

    Hope that helps

  22. Dotty said :

    Have sessions where you do speed workouts. Say 2 Min’s of your fastest speed break slow jog then again a fast speed and repeat the process, i find treadmills are better for this.


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