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I was wondering if you do ab exercises, if you will lose some stomach fat?

I know everybody says that you have to do cardio exercises so you can lose fat, but I was wondering if I can still do ab exercises and lose stomach fat, and get abs?…I do cardio workout, cause I have basketball practice everyday, and all of the stuff we do is running.

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2 Responses to “I was wondering if you do ab exercises, if you will lose some stomach fat?”

  1. Thomas K said :

    Whoever says you HAVE to do cardio to lose fat is dumb but anyway yes doing crunches to failure will definenately define you abs

  2. Toning Girl said :

    To lose stomach fat, cardio exercise is a must because it’s the exercise that kicks start your metabolism into higher gear, so you’ve higher fat-burning capacity, to burn off excess body fat from your entire body (and that includes fat deposited in your stomach area).

    Ab exercises in themsleves would not ignite fat burning but because thru the exercises you build lean muscle mass there, you would have more lean muscle mass which in turn would help you to burn off more fat given that lean muscle mass is metabolically active and burns off fat faster.

    Yes, with cardio and abs exercises (plus eating healthily), you would slice off that layer of fat covering your abs and get your abs shown…..

    This article on losing belly fat might help you:


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