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I read that gaining muscle helps you burn more calories?

I read that gaining muscle helps you burn more calories during weight
> loss. What I don’t understand is how you can weight train and lose
> weight. Every time I look at a dumb bell I gain. If anyone has any
> insight on this please share.

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2 Responses to “I read that gaining muscle helps you burn more calories?”

  1. BabeHeart said :

    The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism even at rest. Although muscle is heavier than fat, it’s more dense so takes up less space. Two people may weigh the same but if one is very muscular and the other is not, the one who is not will likely appear larger (fatter).

    You weight train and your dimensions will change…as you are building muscle, the number on the scales may increase, but as your body starts burning fat also, then you may see the numbers drop. The ultimate test is how do your clothes fit (no matter what the scales say). As a musclar person who used to be fat, you should be able to weigh more than you would think, but get into smaller clothing.

    If you are not fat, and only desire to build muscle, then you’ll put on some lbs as you gain heavy muscle tissue…however you can also consume more calories because you’ll have more muscle that will 1)need more calories to be supported and 2) burn off more calories than when you were less muscular.

  2. Ty said :

    The human body has what is called a set point, which is basically the weight that the body wants to be at. If someone is at their set point and wants to lose weight, they will find it difficult, whereas someone above their set point will find it easier. But if someone is at their set point, and they then gain muscle, it will be easier to lose fat because they will then be above the set point.

    Muscle also takes a greater caloric demand to maintain than fat does, so the body will naturally expend a larger amount of calories on a more muscular person.


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