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What is the difference in whey protein and calories in gaining muscle?

i know that protein is needed in gaining muscle.. but i have also heard that you need more calories than you need to gain weight in order to gain muscle…
and i know that rice is carbohydrates ..

now my question is do you need more than enough calories in order for the whey protein to work to gain more muscle??
like if you don’t have enough calories.. but have enough whey protein, will you gain muscle..?? and vice versa?

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One Response to “What is the difference in whey protein and calories in gaining muscle?”

  1. David M said :

    Some background first:
    Your body uses calories for everything that it does all day long, including calories that come from protein. Protein is essential to a number of things, not just building muscles. SO, if you get enough protein, but not enough calories, your body is going to use that protein first to perform normal body functions and if you didn’t get enough carbs it’s going to turn some of that protein into carbs which means it’s being taken away from muscle building. If it still has any protein leftover it will use that build muscle but you won’t build as much.

    If you DO eat enough calories for muscle building it will use all the other calories for bodily functions and will then have the whey protein calories leftover to build muscle.

    So getting your protein but not getting calories will just result in much LESS muscle building, but it will probably still occur.

    If you get the calories but not the protein your body will use those calories to store weight but as FAT.


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