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How do I burn fat without gaining leg muscle from running?

I want to burn leg and stomach fat before summer, but I don’t want to gain a lot of calve muscle. I heard that running burns fat but also can give you a lot of muscle. Is there any exercises that I can do just to lose fat?

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3 Responses to “How do I burn fat without gaining leg muscle from running?”

  1. A life lesson... said :

    you could get a stationary bicycle, that way your legs don’t have to support your body weight.

  2. Ricky said :

    You could use an elliptical which would guide your body so that you are not using your legs to support your body. Also, try it supposedly helps to burn body fat and may have some great work out tips.

  3. Lyndsey said :

    Don’t run too hard – running is ideal as it uses a lot of energy(calories) fast, but the harder you run the more pressure you put on your legs, and the more muscle they build.

    Walking will keep you legs slim, but compared to running it does burn subsequently less calories, so try a very slow jog on flat land for twice as long as you’d normally run. To prevent muscle building on your calves, put them under the least amount of stress possible.

    Also remember to stretch afterwards – even just a minor walk – this does play a big part in keeping calves slim.


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